A Salesperson Behind a Typewriter

“A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter.”

When I first came across that quote, Bob Bly was attributing it to Judith Charles of Judith K Charles Creative Communication in The Copywriter’s Handbook. Since then, I’ve seen in many variations of the quote with many different attributions. Either way, the sentiment sticks because it’s true.

Every writer has a point. Bloggers, novelists, kids writing book reports–they all have a final thought they’re trying to get across to the reader. Copywriters persuade readers to take action. They want you to click “Buy Now,” sign up for updates or vote this way. (If you’re ever wondering what a copywriter wants you do, check the “call to action.” It’s the thing the writer urges you to do, unusually near the end of the copy.) When you hire a copywriter, you’re hiring a new sales member for your company or brand. She has the same goal as the sales staff in your store.

Today’s copywriters don’t use typewriters anymore. We’re more likely to be pounding out copy from our laptops than leaning over a typewriter. But, the end result is the same. If you want to convince your reader to do something, you need a copywriter.

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The right copywriter can improve your conversion rate in ways you’ve never imagined. Developing a prospect into a customer or user is an art. Fortunately, I can help you do it. Let’s talk about what I can do for your bottom line. Call me at 646-397-4012 or email me at princess@iampsjones.com.

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